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One-button mayhem.
No kidding.

Who will be the G.O.A.T?
Not ewe!

Battle wave after wave of fiendish foes in this hectic, non-stop, action-packed mobile game! Creeps are causing trouble in the mountain goat's serene home. Send them back to where they came from! Ready Set Goat is a one-button game with retro roots, sure to be a fun and addictive challenge!

Last long enough and maybe you'll be the G.O.A.T of the Day, or even the All Time G.O.A.T!

Plus no crummy ads or pay-to-win purchases. Just a fun game!

What's new?
(November 2nd, 2020)

Ready Set Goat Levels Up!

Your favorite stompin’ goat is back with a huge makeover and a barnload of new stuff. Let’s hop right in!

Level Up, Earn Prizes

You’ll now earn XP every round, with bonuses for new personal bests. Every time you level up, you win a prize!

Daily Challenges

Earn bonus XP for completing three special challenges that refresh each day. We’ve added dozens of fun, zany, and quite difficult challenges to really get your goat.


As for those prizes, we have some downright goat-tastic ways to customize your game. Want to play as a wizard battling robots on the beach? We’ve got you covered! The all new Hop Shop includes:

  • Dozens of new goats - colors, patterns, outfits, you name it
  • Ten new heroes, like an alpaca, baby hippo, and husky pup
  • New enemy outfits - the creeps start a punk band?!
  • New game worlds; a trip to the desert, Japan...the moon?
  • And many more surprises!

You’ll earn prizes at every level-up, and you’ll also have the option to buy more of what you want. Of course, no pay-to-win or ads here.

New Season, New Bleaterboard

Everyone starts fresh this season, with a fair shot at those top slots. Get in early and often and you just might become the top G.O.A.T. But beware: we’re combining all players across iOS and Android this time. Competition will be gruff!

Huge thanks to all the dedicated players that have stuck with us this far; we truly hope you enjoy this update and keep those goats hopping for a long while yet!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out to or find us on instagram and twitter!

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iOS App Store Link for Ready Set Goat Google Play Store Link for Ready Set Goat
Pixel art of the hotdog enemy in Ready Set Goat!